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Be a frame designer at Oakwrights in the UK

Here you can post if you have something to offer or if you are looking for something special ...
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Be a frame designer at Oakwrights in the UK

Pisanie Nadesłano: 29.05.2008 10:36

Twice a year (January & July) we have an intake of new trainees with a view to finding 3 new trainee Frame Designer / Project Stewards.

We start the process by giving them a thorough 6 month grounding in building Oakwrights style buildings hands-on in the framing shop, and erecting the frames they build frames on site. We find that some people take to the practical 'hands on' side, and opt to make a career as a framer, whilst people who thought the wanted to be framers opt for the design route. So to make life more flexible we are now taking on people for whatever role, and during the hands-on training period, let them sort themselves into whatever role we collectively think is best. There is no pressure to move onto the Designer training phase if you are having too much fun working as a framer – you can not have too much time in the hands-on phase, and once you are in you are in! Whatever path you chose will always give you the option to try for various other career paths within the company, we always try to recruit internally for all positions, Site Foremen, Sales, Production Management, Marketing, project Management, Estimating, IT, Database & Website design, Contract Management, or even Accounting!

The Frame Designers / Project Stewards take their projects from inception all the way through framing-up in the shop, to concluding with the erection of the frame on site. They look after the frame design, jointing, quality and the Client. Supported by a team that includes Project Managers, Estimators, Workshop Manager and Site Foremen, they do not have to deal with contractual, financial, or man management issues, they simply look after (steward) their frames, and their Clients, and ensure that their projects meet the exacting standards required.

We are looking for people who primarily have a good attitude, and want to do something useful, rewarding and challenging in life. Ideally you would have a background in traditional oak frame building, and would be keen to learn CAD design, Alternatively you are an experienced CAD designer who would like to develop a career building oak framed houses. Either way you will need to enthusiastically embrace new ideas, new methods of working and absorb the extensive training on offer. Working as part of an ever expanding team of 10 male and female project stewards / frame designers, You will be based at our Hereford Yard in our Design Loft, you will be designing with Dietrich's/AutoCAD and producing a variety of English Traditional, Post & Beam, and Contemporary Oak & Douglas Fir designs, coupled with Infill panels, Cut Roofs and pre-manufactured (in our own workshop) softwood panelled frames.

The salary range reflects the novice level through to Top Designer In the Oakwrights Work Hard - Play Hard environment we can guarantee that you will never be bored. What we would like is a comprehensive CV and covering letter with your application form, setting out why you think this is for you, your aspirations, and what you have to offer. For an application form please contact: Janette. Tel: +44 (0)1432 353 353 or E-mail: jobs @ For more information on our company please visit As a growing company committed to having the best people, we frequently have positions available, e.g. Architects, Technicians, Administrative, Carpenters, Designers, -and we welcome un-solicited CVs and applications.

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