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Why to choose Dietrich's

Info about Dietrich's and the Timber Building Business
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Why to choose Dietrich's

Odeslat Zaslal: 25.11.2004 16:43

Hi everybody,

I wonder if you could point out several arguments why to choose/prefere/buy DICAM....

We are about to decide between CadWork and Dietrich's so good arguments are wecome.

We design in a general CAD SW, manualy create four-sided drawings of each beam. For complicated stuff we also use 3D models but there is no simple solution to convert that 3D to four-sided drawing, so we usually create just an essential part (compound joinery) of the structure in 3D. Unfortunately, creating the rest is useless for us if rendering or animation is not reqired.
We do not need output to CNC machine at this time.

Thank you
Michal Zajic

Příspěvky: 1
Založen: Nov 25, 2004

Re: Why to choose Dietrich's

Odeslat Zaslal: 27.11.2004 17:59

When I create a 3-d frame with all joinery in place and need a four sided drawing of one piece, I highlight that piece and hide all others. Then I save a rotated 2d view of that piece. Then I import that view into the 2d program to create a dimensioned drawing. Once that side has been dimensioned on the drawing. I return to D-CAM and rotate the piece to the next face. Save that side and import that view into the same drawing aligning it with the first. Then add the new dimension that need to be shown for that face. On and on until all for faces are done.
Or sometimes I turn on "hidden line" and dimension to them as they show threw the beam and you can see two sides from one view.
Another users copies a beam to four new locations in the air above the frame and rotates each one to a different face. Highlights them and hides all others, then saves that view and imports that into the 2-d program and dimensions them as needed.
It all depends on one's personal style or method of creating a drawing.
On my 2-d drawing of this piece I'll save a 3-d view and paste in on the page so that the timber framer can see what the joint should look like in real life. Sometimes from several different views.

I hope others will post some reasons or methods for you to review.
Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers
Super Extrem Poster
Super Extrem Poster
Příspěvky: 333
Založen: Jul 21, 2004

Re: Why to choose Dietrich's

Odeslat Zaslal: 29.11.2004 13:55

Hi Michal

I have been using Dietrich’s for over four years now and have found it to be highly sophisticated and at the same time easy and intuitive to use. It is not perfect (what Software is??) but from what I have seen it is the best.

In terms of output, it is very very easy to produce automatic beam drawings – already dimensioned – which will give you two side views and an end view. These will include any hidden lines of joints etc. within the beam.

However, the hidden lines are all on separate layers and can be hidden if required and you can create views from the other two sides yourself and drop these into your drawing which would give you what you need very easily, quickly and accurately. Alternatively, you could use the two ‘automatic’ sides to draw in the other two sides in the 2D draughting part of the programme.

As Jim says, adding a 3D view of any complicated joinery is also very easy. This can be a simple line drawing or rendered with a texture for extra presentation.

At the basis of all this is the 3D model itself which, with some training and practice, is easy to create and if your frames and joinery follow standard designs, you will be able to store all of the tenon parameters etc. within the Software so you only have to create these settings once.

It sounds as though you only are likely to need the DiCAM module immediately. There are, however, very good modules for the quick and easy creation of walls, ceilings and roofs – all of which have similar user interfaces and which can save a lot of time if this is part of what you do regularly. These can all be added later if you need – as can the machine interface.

Please do e-mail me or post again if there is anything else I can help with, but I would certainly recommend Dietrich’s.

Rob Cullen

Rob Cullen
Příspěvky: 358
Založen: Jul 21, 2004
Bydliště: Buntingford, England

Re: Why to choose Dietrich's

Odeslat Zaslal: 29.11.2004 21:48

I have been working with Dietrich's for ten months and find it very useful and worthwhile. Previously I drew everything with a 2D CAD program, starting with wall and bent views, then creating the individual piece drawings (four sides and end views as needed) from these.

With Dietrich's I find that I can create the 3D model as quickly as I could previously draw the 2D views (though to get there required some training and time spent on the learning curve). From the 3D model it is relatively easy to get 2D elevation views. As Rob mentioned, it is also easy to have single timber drawings produced and dimensioned showing two sides and an end view. Bringing in the other two views if you need them is relatively easy but tedious if you have a lot of them to do.

I have been told the automated production of six views (four side views and two end views) fully dimensioned is now being developed. This will save having to bring in (or draw) the other two views.

One the more useful things I have found in working in 3D is the ability to show the rendered 3D image to clients who often can't visualize the 3D picture from 2D views. Having a 3D image on shop drawings has also been very worthwhile, especially with inexperienced framers.

I have been happy with the Dietrich's program and the support has been good and personal. Good luck with your decision.

Peter Henrikson

Peter Henrikson
Příspěvky: 46
Založen: Jul 21, 2004
Bydliště: Minnesota

Re: Why to choose Dietrich's

Odeslat Zaslal: 29.11.2004 23:30

The simple reason to choose Dietrich's over CADWorks is time. Your learning time for getting up to speed will be half what it would be with the other Software. I tried using CADWorks and found it very hard to follow, especially if your used to AutoCAD. The Dietrich's format seems to be very easy to follow and learn.

The other reason to choose Dietrich's over CADWorks is the support you will get from there sales team. They are not just Software providers, they are also timberframers themselves and I find it quite handy when I have a question on how to do something that I will be able to get help from them.



Příspěvky: 6
Založen: Nov 29, 2004
Bydliště: British Columbia, Canada

Re: Why to choose Dietrich's

Odeslat Zaslal: 29.11.2004 23:54

We've used Dietrich's for two years now and find it to be a great program. I can quickly (<1hr) draw a conceptual frame for a potential client. This gives them a picture to look at, along with generating for me a timber list, panel wall heights, etc. etc. that allows me to provide an accurate and quick estimate. It is very easy to transfer 3D frames to 2D drawings. We don't use too many single beam details in our shop any more (usually just dimensioned bent and wall drawings), but they are fairly quick and easy to develop. It interfaces well with AutoCAD, which allows our designer to develop floor and foundation plans off of the Dietrich's program.

Justin Bush

Příspěvky: 1
Založen: Nov 29, 2004
Bydliště: Knoxville, IL

Re: Why to choose Dietrich's

Odeslat Zaslal: 06.12.2004 15:09

Hello Michal,

I hope the answers by our clientshelp you to make a decission.
I personally can not say too much about our competitors products since I don't have the time (and the chance) to really try them out and stay up-to-date with their current development. But I don't think you wanted to have a biased view from a Dietrich's employee anyways. Wink
All I can do, is offer additional information. So if there is anything you want to know about our Products or our Company just drop me a note.

@Dietrich's I am responsible for the english speaking part of the world which I think you belong to.

You can also look at additional information on one of our US TF clients.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
With kind Regards,

Markus Brunn

Markus Brunn
Příspěvky: 154
Založen: Jul 15, 2004
Bydliště: Kolber- / Balti-mo(o)r(e)

Re: Why to choose Dietrich's

Odeslat Zaslal: 16.08.2006 19:01

Why to choose Dietrich?? Well I know this is an old theme - but it can still be actual for others who wonder why to choose Dietrich. Well why not - or "because" as Markus would say... Laughing

Ok - to be serious: Well I have not much experience with Dietrich - I've just finished two weeks of training. But from what I have seen, it is one of the best 3D construction Software on the market and it could be the best for construction of wood houses. I know that there are very good 3D construction / engineering Software for steel structures - but they are only good for steel. For concrete there is not much to find - especially not for precast concrete elements - Tekla - but it is very expensive and not very good to concrete. And for wood - well, I know only Dietrich... But I have never seen construction Software, so good as Dietrich - except perhaps for steel structures.

When you first get the idea of how the program works - then it is quite easy to use - that took me only a few days. The program is big, it is capable of almost anything you can ask for when it comes to designing wooden houses, and making drawings and rendered 3D models to visualize what you are doing.

I can say only: I am happy that I've met Dietrich's Software. Wink

Tera Poster
Tera Poster
Příspěvky: 1062
Založen: Aug 16, 2006
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