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Calender Competition 2007

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Calender Competition 2007

Post Posted: 10.10.2006 10:45

Dear Freinds,

three more pages on the calender. About time to get new pictures for the calender of 2007.

In the last two years our german speeking clients sent us their pictures for a calender competition. Last year a couple of our english speeking clients already submitted some of their projects. This year we would like to officially invite all english speaking clients to enter the competition. All you need to do is to send us pictures of projects you did. They can be big, extraoridnary, complex, beautiful or funny. Anything you did that makes you proud and that you want to share with other people. The 12 best pictures will make it to the new Dietrich's Calender for 2007.
Which are are going to make it will be decided by the forum members by voting for the pictures and giving the from 1 to 6 stars. The more the better.

Eligibility Requirements :

Arrow Pictures have to be uploaded to the Calender Competition album.
Arrow The project and the pictures have to be made with Dietrich's Software products.
Arrow Please add information about the project and the companies and people involved to every picture.
Arrow Submitted pictures should have a min size of 2048x1500 pixels.
Arrow Please submit only pictures of your own projects.
Arrow By submitting pictures you agree to the pictures beeing publicized by Dietrich's.
Arrow Closing Date for submissions is October 31st 2006
Arrow Submissions can be voted for from November 1st 2006 until November 20th 2006.

The 12 winners of the competition will receive a printed version of the 2007 Calender.

We are looking forward to see your projects. We wish you all good luck and lots of fun looking at and voting for the projects of your colleagues.

Your DiFIX Team

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Markus Brunn
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Location: Kolber- / Balti-mo(o)r(e)

Re: Calender Competition 2007

Post Posted: 11.10.2006 20:17

Thanks for the invitation.

I've summited one, so far.

Where can we see the pictures that were picked for the previous calenders?

I see them in the gallery, but which ones made it?

Also, where can we get the new calender? for 2007? when it's done.
Jim Rogers
Dietrich's North America
Consulting and Training
Georgetown, MA, USA

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Jim Rogers
Super Extrem Poster
Super Extrem Poster
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Re: Calender Competition 2007

Post Posted: 11.10.2006 22:16

We will inform you about everything when we have the new calendar.
First we have to wait for more pictures and then you have to give your wotes.

To see the last pictures just select the copetition of last year. At the right upper side you will find droplist where you can select the sorting system. Select the last but one option and you will get 12 best pictures at the top of the list. The best one is the first.
Viele Grüße,
Joachim Neumann (Dietrich's AG)
Software für den Holzbau, Abbund, Holzrahmenbau, Blockbau, Ingenieurholzbau und für die Fertighausindustrie

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Joachim Neumann
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