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Welcome to the Forum - Forum Rules

Things that build Community
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Welcome to the Forum - Forum Rules

Posten Verfasst am: 12.08.2004 16:11

Welcome to the Forum.

Our user pages moved to a new format with new exciting features and more options to exchange your thoughts and ideas. As with any community we have a couple of simple rules I would like to ask you to obey.

Be nice and courteous!
'Please', 'Thank You' and a little patience with rookies are easy enough. Compliments are better sent as Privte Messages, insults don't belong here at all. If something bothers you, take it easy, most of the time it's just a missunderstanding.

Look first, ask later
Please use the search function to look for answers to your questions before posting them. If you find what you are looking for you saved time and effort for yourself and others.

Find the right Forum
To add some structure we have sub-sections for each aspect. Find the right place for your questions and you are more likely to get a quick and good answer.

Clear Subject
In order to get a response that actually matches your problem give your thread a clear title. Things like HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!! are not very usefull. Also they make things harder to find for people who have the same problem.

Please bear in mind that people voluntarily share their knowledge with you. The better you discribe your problem the bigger are the chances for qualified help. Watch out for spelling, structure your questions in sentences with point and comma.

Only reply to questions you are intersted in and actually have to say something about. Single line hints usually lead to more questions. Good and detailed descriptions usually help more than just one person. Also they have a chance of beeing added to the FAQ.
In some cases additions to answers are helpful and necessary. Beeing extra smart and adding unnecessary stuff to a proppely answered problem is rude and doesn't help anyone.

Feed Back
Off course you can ask for more detailed info. 'Thank you for your help' shows others that the reply was good and helpful. Please suggest to add very helpful comments to the FAQ.

Tit for Tat
Try to find questions you can help with. A community is bidirectional and lives thorugh it's participants.

To keep things short and simple use quotations as little as possible. Use abbreviations or abstracts instead.

The signature including greetings can only be four lines long. Better reduce to two lines. They must not contain any links or pictures.

Forbidden Content
Forbidden are discriminating, violent, pornographic, offensive or illigal messages and links to pages of such content.
Links that don't belong to the topic or commercial links are also prohibited.

These rules should work as a guideline for a succuessfull community, and should not be matter of discussion. If you have objections or questions though send a Private Message.

Welcome to the community.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
With kind Regards,

Markus Brunn

Markus Brunn
Beiträge: 154
Dabei seit: Jul 15, 2004
Wohnort: Kolber- / Balti-mo(o)r(e)
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