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Copy projects and change wall properties?

Discussions about Designs, Joints, Trusses, Details, ... etc.
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Re: Copy projects and change wall properties?

Создавать темы Добавлено: 26.08.2006 12:46

Hi Thorvald

You said that you had no timbers in the walls, so the HRB editor is not important at this point.

If you right click on a wall in the Ground Plan module a menu pops up and the top item is Properties.

If you adjust the thickness of the core slice (or any slice for that matter) it will change the overall thickness of the wall by increasing the thickness of the slice (or slices) you have amended.

You are asked what line you want to keep and the the adjustment is made accordingly. So you can make the adjustment from the centre of the wall, the outside face, the inside face or the reference axis.

If you use menu item 3-01 in Ground Plan you can change the properties of many walls at the same time, as long as the all have the same properties to start off with.



Rob Cullen
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Re: Copy projects and change wall properties?

Создавать темы Добавлено: 28.08.2006 09:19

Ok - thanks for the answers - I will look at it. I have now tried the method to make a new wall property and change the walls one by one with that wall property - but if it is possible to change all walls with same property at one time, that method could also be convenient in some cases. - And the HRB- method could be convenient if one is almost finished drawing the house with timbers etc.
Sincerely Yours. M. Sc. E. Thorvald, Denmark
(Dietrichs version 7.03).

Tera Poster
Tera Poster
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Re: Copy projects and change wall properties?

Создавать темы Добавлено: 18.07.2016 16:09

Thank you for your in depth answers, didn't need to post my own question!

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