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Objectinfo: texture set

Q/A about D-Wall, D-Roof, D-Floor/ Ceiling, D-CAM
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Objectinfo: texture set

Odeslat Zaslal: 02.06.2006 14:46


Is it possible to define my own textures ?


Příspěvky: 70
Založen: Oct 18, 2005
Bydliště: ESTONIA

Re: Objectinfo: texture set

Odeslat Zaslal: 02.06.2006 22:23

Hello Holger,
ask the planer, I believe, he had created his own textures and knows how to do it Wink
Es grüßt der Doug

Příspěvky: 4820
Založen: Jan 03, 2005
Bydliště: Magrathea

Re: Objectinfo: texture set

Odeslat Zaslal: 03.06.2006 00:55

Hi Holger,

all textures in the program are used as a set. You cannot create own sets, but you can replace single texture files. You find 10 files in the GIF\Freitext-directory: textur_0...9.bmp. They are made for easily replacing some of them with your own. Be sure to use the same size and filenames, otherwise the set doesn't work correct.

By using the "free sets" all surfaces will be filled with the same texture.
You can also change mixed sets containing different textures, but for the beginning please tryout only the free ones!

Creating an own texture file is much more than just taking a picture with your digicam. A texture file has to be seamless to look perfect when you stitch them together. You will find some workshops in the www to learn more about that, and you need to be experienced using a picture graphic program (for example: PhotoShop or PaintShopPro).
Freundlich grüßt

Příspěvky: 10455
Založen: Aug 24, 2004
Bydliště: 51143 Köln

Re: Objectinfo: texture set

Odeslat Zaslal: 05.06.2006 09:15


now i can use some tapestry in my houses


Příspěvky: 70
Založen: Oct 18, 2005
Bydliště: ESTONIA
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