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USB dongle.

Q/A about Computers, Plotters, Printers, Graphic Boards, ...etc.
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USB dongle.

Messaggio Inviato: 30.07.2018 03:18

Just wondering - because I am looking for a new computer. Because some computers (laptops), incl. one of my favorites (HP Spectre x360), doesn't entertain many USB ports, but has a few USB-C ports. Would my USB dongle work in a USB hub?? And what about today - do you still use USB dongle or has it been replaced by some other system? Or maybe it is possible to get a USB-C dongle?
Sincerely Yours. M. Sc. E. Thorvald, Denmark
(Dietrichs version 7.03).

Tera Poster
Tera Poster
Messaggi: 1064
Registrato: Ago 16, 2006

Re: USB dongle.

Messaggio Inviato: 06.08.2018 13:06

We don't have USB-C Dongles.
The USB-Dongle should work with a hub.
We are working on another system but this will need some time and will only work with a new version, not with an old version.
Viele Grüße,
Joachim Neumann (Dietrich's AG)
Software für den Holzbau, Abbund, Holzrahmenbau, Blockbau, Ingenieurholzbau und für die Fertighausindustrie

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Joachim Neumann
Messaggi: 28492
Registrato: Lug 07, 2004
Località: Neubiberg

Re: USB dongle.

Messaggio Inviato: 14.08.2018 03:21


That sounds good. Then at least the number of USB ports does not it self have to limit my choice of computer.

Sounds interesting with the new system. I have wished to upgrade my Dietrichs for years, but I have yet to be able to save up for it. Sounds like the program have become more expensive over the years. Sorridente
Sincerely Yours. M. Sc. E. Thorvald, Denmark
(Dietrichs version 7.03).

Tera Poster
Tera Poster
Messaggi: 1064
Registrato: Ago 16, 2006
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