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Exporting multi page documents to pdf

Q/A about D-CAD 2D, D-CAD L, D-CAD V
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Exporting multi page documents to pdf

Post Posted: 14.10.2009 12:41

Hi Everyone

I wonder if anyone out there knows of a pdf creator programme (preferabley free - but not necesarily!) which will create multiple files when using the multi page print option in PlanCAD.

I have tried FreePDF and PDFCreator and both of these will create one single PDF document with several pages when using this option.

However, if I am printing say four drawings to PDF, I want to be able to use the mutil page print option, and I want to end up with four separate PDF documents.

I hope that makes sense.


Butch: " I think we lost 'em, d'you think we lost 'em?"
Sundance: "No."
Butch: "Neither do I."

Rob Cullen
Posts: 355
Joined: Jul 21, 2004
Location: Buntingford, England

Re: Exporting multi page documents to pdf

Post Posted: 14.10.2009 12:55

Hi Rob,

I think that this is not an option of the pdf creator. We create one document which is given to the pdf creator. This is a special feature. When we started with the new PlanCAD several years ago we did produce a file for each single drawing and a lot of users asked us to produce one file for all drawings when printing several drawings at the same time. So we did change that some years ago and now we produce one file for several drawings.
Perhaps any pdf creator is able to devide the file into several files but I do not know that.
What you can do is to print each drawing in a single process.
Viele Grüße,
Joachim Neumann (Dietrich's AG)
Software für den Holzbau, Abbund, Holzrahmenbau, Blockbau, Ingenieurholzbau und für die Fertighausindustrie

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Joachim Neumann
Posts: 27217
Joined: Jul 07, 2004
Location: Neubiberg

Re: Exporting multi page documents to pdf

Post Posted: 14.10.2009 13:01

Hi Joe

Thanks for the information - I guess I will just have to continue doing it one by one - a bit tedious if you've got 50 drawings!!

There are PDF splitters available but splitting up one document into 50 pages seems to be more work than printing 50 separate pages.


Butch: " I think we lost 'em, d'you think we lost 'em?"
Sundance: "No."
Butch: "Neither do I."

Rob Cullen
Posts: 355
Joined: Jul 21, 2004
Location: Buntingford, England

Re: Exporting multi page documents to pdf

Post Posted: 14.10.2009 13:26

Hi Rob,

I use pdf Factory pro. It does multipages print.
Wil Dancey Dietrich's NA

Wil Dancey
Posts: 81
Joined: Aug 31, 2004
Location: Aylmer-Ontario-Canada
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