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Information automatically inserted into your drawing

Q/A about D-CAD 2D, D-CAD L, D-CAD V
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Information automatically inserted into your drawing

Post Posted: 21.07.2009 19:36

There are some text function tags called "keywords" that will automatically insert information into your drawing from the program or the database.
These "keyword" tags are accessed in the text command 6-2.
For example if you want the project name inserted you would fill out your text like this, see attached.

There is a long list of program text "keyword" tags that you can use to have the information automatically inserted into your drawing or title box, when you open a blank drawing from a saved template.

When you create a template and place these "keyword" tags where you want them the program will fill in the information for you.

Here is a list of the "keyword" tags and what information they will bring into your drawing:

#pro# = project number
#projectpath# = current project path
#pos# = position number
#posinfo# = position info
#dwg# = drawing number
#dwgpathfile# = drawing: path and filename
#savedate# = date of last file save
#printdate# = date of last printout
#makedate# = date of initial creation
#building# = building
#buildingcomment# = building comment
#client# = client’s name
#client# = client’s name continued
#clientcontact# = client contact name
#clientstreet# = client street address
#clientcode# = client postal code
#clientcity# = client city
#clientfon# = client phone number
#clientfon2# = client phone number # 2
#clientmobile# = client mobile phone number
#clientfax# = client fax phone number
#clientemail# = client e-mail address
#architect# = architect’s name
#architect2# = architect’s name continued
#architectcontact# = architect contact name
#architectstreet# = architect street address
#architectcode# = architect postal code
#architectcity# = architect city
#architectfon# = architect phone number
#architectfon2# = architect phone number # 2
#architectmobile# = architect mobile phone number
#architectfax# = architect fax phone number
#architectemail# = architect e-mail address

These "keyword" tags are listed under the blue pull down arrow in the lower left section of the multi-line text box.
Once you have select the "keyword" tag you want to use you need to click the insertion arrow above the text line to insert the "keyword" tag into the text box at the point where the cursor is positioned.

Once you have your information where you want it in your drawing, whether it is in a view port or in a title box, you can save this drawing as a template.

And each time you begin a new drawing, select this template from the list of templates available and the information will automatically fill in when the template opens on your screen.

Some "keyword" tags will not be filled in until the function happens, for example if you have a function for "date of last file saved" in your drawing, and you haven't saved your drawing, yet, there won't be anything there for the "keyword" tag to produce.

I hope this helps you to create your drawing sheets easier.
Jim Rogers
Dietrich's North America
Consulting and Training
Georgetown, MA, USA

Version 13.04, 12.03, 11.06, 10.02, 9.05, 8.04, 7.03, and 5.05

Jim Rogers
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Super Extrem Poster
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Re: Information automatically inserted into your drawing

Post Posted: 22.07.2009 03:47


Thanks for sharing the information!


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