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New functionality in version 8??

Q/A about D-CAD 2D, D-CAD L, D-CAD V
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New functionality in version 8??

Poster Posté le: 21.10.2008 10:33

Hi - I could think of many ideas to improve the program, but since I have probably already mentioned some of the ideas else where, I will spare you for that.

Just on thing I just thought about - if this will be a new function in version 8: When working on several part-projects within a project it can be a bit confusing to keep order in the different drawings for the different parts (t.ex. buildings) within the same project. I.e. if there are more than one building in the project. It could perhaps be convenient to have maybe a kind of a folder structure within PlanCad - so that drawings for building 1 is in one folder and for building 2 in another folder. So when you open one folder you see only drawings from that building. It is ok for me if the drawing file numbers starts from 0 for each folder. These folders could naturally follow the positions in the main project. So that position 1 contains building 1 etc. and drawings for building 1 are solely contained in "folder 1" in PlanCad. In this way one could also have a position for miscellangelous drawings, test drawings, test models etc. - but still within the project where it belongs.
Sincerely Yours. M. Sc. E. Thorvald, Denmark
(Dietrichs version 7.03).

Tera Poster
Tera Poster
Envoyés: 1062
Inscrit le: Aou 16, 2006

Re: New functionality in version 8??

Poster Posté le: 21.10.2008 12:38

Hi Thorvald,

I think you will like the new project management of Version 8 ;o) Just a little bit of patience until the delivery...

Best regards,

Grüße aus Neubiberg,

Jens Krause

Dietrich's AG

Jens Krause
Envoyés: 2079
Inscrit le: Mar 01, 2005
Localisation: Neubiberg

Re: New functionality in version 8??

Poster Posté le: 22.10.2008 11:00

Yeah, Markus have shown me a bit of the main window in version 8. And I liked it. I was just wondering if these things as I mentioned will be possible in PlanCad?

Also the feature, that you can open more than one project in different windows is something I am going to like very much. Yes I must try to be patient... But I feel like a small child before christmas... ;-)
Sincerely Yours. M. Sc. E. Thorvald, Denmark
(Dietrichs version 7.03).

Tera Poster
Tera Poster
Envoyés: 1062
Inscrit le: Aou 16, 2006
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