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Architectual scale drawing tip

Q/A about D-CAD 2D, D-CAD L, D-CAD V
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Architectual scale drawing tip

Post Posted: 24.08.2007 20:05

In order for your drawings to come out to a standard architectural scale you have to set your D-CAD-2D drawing scale to the correct size.
For one quarter inch to equal one foot the scale has to be set at 48.
Here is why (12" / .25" = 48), which is ¼" goes into 12" forty-eight times.
Here are some standard scales settings.

1/16" = 1' is 192
3/32" = 1' is 128
1/8" = 1' is 96
3/16" = 1' is 64
1/4" = 1' is 48
3/8" = 1' is 32
1/2" = 1' is 24
3/4" = 1' is 16
1" = 1' is 12
1 1/2" = 1' is 8
3" = 1' is 4

So when you want your 2D drawing to equal a standard architectural scale you set it to one of these values in your drawing screen view port properties dialog box. To access this D-CAD-2D window settings box you use command number 7-1 (in D-CAD-2D) and it is in third box down labeled view port. And on the line labeled: scale (1/?):

I have several different templates set up for 2D drawings and each one can be at a different scale so that when you import a single beam drawing into a new drawing created from a template it comes in at the correct scale.
This way if someone in the field needs a dimension and it's not on the drawing they can measure the drawing using a scale ruler and get the answer they need.
If you need help understanding how to create template at a standard scale let me know and I'll help you.
Jim Rogers
Dietrich's North America
Consulting and Training
Georgetown, MA, USA

Version 13.04, 12.03, 11.06, 10.02, 9.05, 8.04, 7.03, and 5.05

Jim Rogers
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Super Extrem Poster
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