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I need help with sorting my project

Q/A about D-Wall, D-Roof, D-Floor/ Ceiling, D-CAM
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I need help with sorting my project

Posten Verfasst am: 12.10.2004 10:18

Is it possible to specify that you want everything in a certain MOS to have a different sorting number even though certain peices might be exactly the same. I only really want to do this for the walls MOS and none of the others.



Beiträge: 4
Dabei seit: Okt 07, 2004
Wohnort: East Sussex, England

Re: I need help with sorting my project

Posten Verfasst am: 12.10.2004 11:47

No, this is not possible. If you want different sorting numbers the beams must be different. To get this you could give each beam a mark with a different position.
But i don't see a real good reason for your sorting problem. Why should each beam have a different number?
Viele Grüße,
Joachim Neumann (Dietrich's AG)
Software für den Holzbau, Abbund, Holzrahmenbau, Blockbau, Ingenieurholzbau und für die Fertighausindustrie

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Joachim Neumann
Beiträge: 27678
Dabei seit: Jul 07, 2004
Wohnort: Neubiberg

Re: I need help with sorting my project

Posten Verfasst am: 12.10.2004 11:59

Hi Stephen,

if you really want to have different numbers for all the timbers in the walls, even if they are identical, you'll have to make them different.
One easy way to achieve that would be a marker, that you position on the timbers with a SmartTag (D-CAM 3-2-1), select all posts, pick the marker from the SmartTags (PSB\general\marker), and position the marker by snapping a line diagonally over the wall. Doing that, all timbers should end up with a marker at a different length position, which would make them different on the machine and would give them different sorting numbers.

Alternativley you could add dummy drillings or other processes of your choice. The markers are the least destructive. sehr glücklich

Having explained that - why do you actually want to have them different?
Most people are quite happy not having to look for identical pieces, and have the program find them for them. Maybe we can find a better solution for what you want to acheive.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
With kind Regards,

Markus Brunn

Markus Brunn
Beiträge: 154
Dabei seit: Jul 15, 2004
Wohnort: Kolber- / Balti-mo(o)r(e)

Re: I need help with sorting my project

Posten Verfasst am: 12.10.2004 12:31


Thanks for those replies. The reason I want to do this is that we are having problems with the finished product as it comes off of our Hundegger K2 machine. We are using green oak and planing it to size before it goes into the K2. The drillings in the mortise and the tenon do not line up properly in certain circumstances and we have decided that until we can rectify this we will drill the tenons by fitting the building together.
I know I can go in and remove the drillings I want but it is much easier to do this in the Hundegger Software. Therefore when I fit the components together before it goes to site I need them marked differently as they will only then fit in one position. I wanted to use the marked up drawings from D-CAD without having to go in and change all the numbers - but I can if I have to.

Basically I was wondering what the easiest way was to do this in the short term. I do not really want to delete the drillings from the project as we may use it again or we may sort the problem fairly quickly.



Beiträge: 4
Dabei seit: Okt 07, 2004
Wohnort: East Sussex, England
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Timber Design Modules

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