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  Sujet: Hide Rafters

Réponses: 6
Vus: 4801

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 16.12.2010 20:07   Sujet: Re: Hide Rafters

In both DICAM and Roof Calc. you go to 1-7-1 - Display Settings.

From there, under the "Roof" list, uncheck Rafters.

Does that answer the question?

  Sujet: .3ds to Sketchup

Réponses: 2
Vus: 5501

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 17.05.2010 20:23   Sujet: Re: .3ds to Sketchup
Der Planer and others,

Do any of the Dietrich's programmers know when this problem may be fixed? I am doing quite a bit of .3ds export these days and this problem requires lots of "cleanup" in Ske ...
  Sujet: Wall Volume turned to auxiliary

Réponses: 2
Vus: 5235

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 14.05.2010 21:19   Sujet: Re: Wall Volume turned to auxiliary

Do you know how this happened? I tried to change a wall in DICAM to an auxiliary (using object info), but it just changed itself back after closing the dialogue box and then reopening it. ...
  Sujet: 3DS Export to SketchUp - extra lines

Réponses: 9
Vus: 7677

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 11.05.2010 16:52   Sujet: Re: 3DS Export to SketchUp - extra lines

The lines look like they were exported from Dietrichs. Did you have assisting geometry on when you exported your .3ds file?

  Sujet: 3DS Export to SketchUp - extra lines

Réponses: 9
Vus: 7677

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 10.05.2010 23:39   Sujet: Re: 3DS Export to SketchUp - extra lines

Let me know if this guide helps.

There is an .html file in the .zip folder so it will open in your internet browser.

  Sujet: OpenGL viewer

Réponses: 7
Vus: 7362

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 29.04.2010 00:27   Sujet: Re: OpenGL viewer

I agree with Rob, it seems like exporting to .3ds and importing into Sketchup is the best way to share Dietrich's models (with non users). The VRML viewers that I have seen do not compare t ...
  Sujet: 64 Bit O/S & Dietrich's

Réponses: 9
Vus: 8842

PosterForum: Hardware   Posté le: 16.04.2010 07:13   Sujet: Re: 64 Bit O/S & Dietrich's

One main advantage of running a 64 bit system is that you can use more RAM. I believe that the most RAM a 32 bit system can have is 4GB. 64 bit systems can have up to 16GB of RAM. Along ...
  Sujet: WINEXE error

Réponses: 13
Vus: 10843

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 07.04.2010 17:33   Sujet: Re: WINEXE error

I'm glad that worked, and that I could help.

  Sujet: WINEXE error

Réponses: 13
Vus: 10843

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 07.04.2010 01:06   Sujet: Re: WINEXE error

Are you using a Work Environment from V8? If so, try using the ENG2009 work environment for a while to see if you still get the problem.

If you don't get the error while using the ENG20 ...
  Sujet: Hatch recognizes lines in turned off layers

Réponses: 12
Vus: 10603

PosterForum: Shop Drawings   Posté le: 01.04.2010 17:02   Sujet: Re: Hatch recognizes lines in turned off layers

I have noticed this too. I look forward to a response on this one.

  Sujet: Layers

Réponses: 2
Vus: 6661

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 01.04.2010 17:00   Sujet: Re: Layers

To me, this is a flaw with V9. In past versions, yes, that was the case. For some reason, in V9 you need to go to the top of that dialog box and select any one of your saved line setting ...
  Sujet: How to delete a twin part building?

Réponses: 2
Vus: 3442

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 26.03.2010 16:48   Sujet: Re: How to delete a twin part building?

When you mirrored the building, I am guessing that you kept it on the same storey. If you did, then you will have to delete the wall and ceiling areas manually.

If, when you mirrored ...
  Sujet: Work Envt data transfer mistake?

Réponses: 12
Vus: 7034

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 24.03.2010 23:09   Sujet: Re: Work Envt data transfer mistake?

Do you have another work environment that you could open?

If not, have you tried making a new work environment?

Go to 1-6-2 in DICAM, then click the settings box in the top left hand ...
  Sujet: WINEXE error

Réponses: 13
Vus: 10843

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 24.03.2010 22:48   Sujet: Re: WINEXE error
I have had this exact same error, and it nearly made me mad.

I am fairly sure that it was related to the anti virus program I was using.

I tried using AVG and Kaspersky, and they both interfered ...
  Sujet: Smart tag

Réponses: 1
Vus: 4750

PosterForum: Timber Design Modules   Posté le: 24.03.2010 22:39   Sujet: Re: Smart tag

Please see zipped folder attached.

Unzip and put in your PSB>ENG folder, or where you keep your smart tags.

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