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OpenGL - Freeze, please!?

OpenGL - Freeze, please!?

Posted: 16.08.2006 19:35
Author: Thorvald
When one have opened the OpenGL to view the house or whatever, there is one thing that could be better:

When the OpenGL window is opened - it is not possible to freeze the view - if you move the mouse, the house rotates, and it is not possible to move the mouse out of OpenGL window, for instance in order to open other programs.

To freeze the picture view it would be convenient to use left mouse (ML), as you then still can use right mouse (MR) for the functions to save picture etc. And if you want to un-freeze the picture - just ML again.

That is my idea and suggestion... Smile

Re: OpenGL - Freeze, please!?

Posted: 17.08.2006 08:56
Author: Jens Krause Location: Neubiberg
Hi Thorvald,

as soon as you right-click, you can move the mouse pointer to the task-bar. Why would it be necessary to freeze the screen, then?

Best regards,


Re: OpenGL - Freeze, please!?

Posted: 17.08.2006 10:27
Author: Joachim Neumann Location: Neubiberg
Just use the Windows-Standard-Button to freeze the program and start another one. The button is the 'Alternate' button (Alt). Just press it and the program is frozen. This is now Dietrich's special, it is Windows standard.

Re: OpenGL - Freeze, please!?

Posted: 18.08.2006 08:21
Author: Thorvald

Thanks for the answers! I will try if your suggestions works as I would like it.

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