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Dietrichs Protractor for sale

Here you can post if you have something to offer or if you are looking for something special ...
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Dietrichs Protractor for sale

Создавать темы Добавлено: 04.12.2008 01:23

Recently, Dietrich's NA received their shipment of the rafter layout protractor and framing squares in imperial measurements.

The protractors and squares are now available in Canada and the USA.

Please contact Dietrich's NA for sales in Canada at:

Wil Dancey
Managing Director
Dietrich's North America
51213 Wooleyville Line
RR#1, Aylmer, ON
Canada N5H 2R1
1 877 877 0086
w.dancey @

For USA please contact:

Jim Rogers
Dietrich's North America
Sales, Consulting and Training
117 Jewett Street
Georgetown, MA, USA
1-800-422-6250 (USA only)
(978)-352-9861 @
Skype name: jim.rogers17

Price and shipping costs will be quoted upon requests.
Jim Rogers
Dietrich's North America
Consulting and Training
Georgetown, MA, USA

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Jim Rogers
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Super Extrem Poster
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Re: Dietrichs Protractor for sale

Создавать темы Добавлено: 20.04.2019 19:15

Hello. My name Vlad, I'm from Kyiv/Ukraine.I graduated from the master's degree in specialization in the design of houses and structures of varying complexity. At the moment I work already 2 years in Dietrich's Software. I am engaged in designing houses from glued beams and frame houses. I would like to know if there is an opportunity to cooperate
My email: vladcfb @
Sincerely, Vlad Novohatko.

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